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Posted On Jul 19, 2016

Whether you’re planning your wedding, a fancy dinner party, or a simple BBQ, the dessert table is probably the most attractive section of the buffet, because who doesn’t love delicious treats? Everyone looks forward to indulging a bit days before the event even happens. If you decide to order desserts or simply make them from the comfort of your kitchen, it’s always a good idea to add some sweet touches to your table setup. It doesn’t have to be anything too extreme or complicated, but enhancing the experience will definitely add points from your guests. Here are some ideas on how to fluff up that cupcake display or cookie platter.

COLOR Coordination

The first and maybe most obvious way to add a little something extra is to color coordinate with the rest of your party theme, or however you may want to plan for that section to be. For instance, if you wish to have White Party Petit Fours, make sure you set them up on a dark colored tablecloth.

Trays, Cups and Stands
An awesome way to amaze your guests with presentation is to use a variety of cake stands, fancy trays and glass cups. If you are someone who throws a lot of parties and you wish to go all-out, feel free to purchase a bunch of decorative stands, or you can rent them for the day. The choice is yours.

Label Your Desserts

If you only do one thing in this list, labeling should be it. Not only does it give a more personal touch, as well as a little bit more of a professional or elegant feel, but it also benefits your guests by allowing them to know what they are about to eat. Why is this so important? Well for one, it helps so that you, the host, isn’t constantly being asked what each piece is, but it can also be ideal for those with food allergies or that have special preferences. Get creative with your calligraphy and spend some time on the labels and colors to really enhance your signs.

Arrange Desserts According to Size

Arranging desserts from smallest to biggest not only appeals to the OCD in most of us but also makes it easier for your guests to select what they want to try out. The arrangement looks neat, professional and well-organized.

Try A Shelf

This is a little unorthodox, but a darling dessert idea at that. Arrange an array of Traditional Petite Fours– lemon, strawberry, vanilla, orange, almond, chocolate-flavored butter crème, drenched in Swiss crème or rich chocolate – on a standalone bookshelf. Paint it whatever color you need to. You can even plaster some matching wallpaper on it to make it look more appetizing. Either way, no one will be expecting a bookcase dessert bar!

Lay Out Doggie Bags and To-Go Boxes

Have a separate “packing” station at the end of your dessert table with doggie bags, to-go boxes and takeaway candies. This will encourage your guests to really enjoy the appetizers and dinner portion and not cut it short just for the dessert since they’ll be able to take it with them. Plus, if they enjoyed it so much, they’ll really appreciate the fact that you’ll be allowing them to enjoy some more later. Not only is it great for them, but it also saves you from having a ton of leftovers to store and clean up.

If you’re putting so much into getting the dessert table ready, you probably won’t have much time and energy to dedicate to making appetizers. The easiest way to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch is to first try and stick to easy desserts and second, order your appetizers in wholesale & retail/ bulk. Also consider hiring a catering service to help you set up and serve. It should also take a lot of the preparation pressure off you, allowing you to try these simple suggestions for an exciting and stress-free party!

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