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Posted On Jun 20, 2016
Fireworks, food, fun and 4th of July, Oh my! Yup, Independence Day is just about here and if you’re like us, than you cannot wait to celebrate America surrounded by your friends and family. Red, white and blue stripes and star BBQ’s are the obvious way to go to give your guests the perfect 4th feel. However, it is nice to add a little more of a fun and unique touch to your food and table decorations. We came up with a few ideas for you to try when hosting your spectacular USA party.

Red, white and blue - with a twist

Red, white and blue are given when it comes to the 4th of July, but it’s nice to incorporate these colors in fun new ways, than just the norm. Try adding tablecloths with random patterns and shapes to your food tables; this adds a modern day feel to the tradition. You can also add these colors to the drinks and foods you will be serving.

Buy red and blue Gatorade or juices to give color to your tables, or simply buy those color cups and straws for whatever drink of choice your guests choose. Another fun idea, would be to create red, white and blue jello glasses. You can get some plastic clear cups and layer them with the different colors. Kids and adults will love this dessert idea.

More than just an American flag

To get even more creative, use the American flag as a design for props and food. You can easily make an American Flag fruit tray, using blueberries, strawberries and bananas (or yogurt covered pretzels) to place out on your food table. You can also buy mini flags and place them into desserts or on top of the hotdogs and hamburgers you’ll be grilling up. If you’re going to have a sit-down table for your guests, you can also lay the flags on the table setting and place a white sticker on top and use as a nametag, place setting.

Extra Touches

Sometimes BBQ’s are just about those little extra touches and almost picnic-like feel that really bring it all together. Use festive wicker baskets, or small pots (you can add color or stars to these) as utensil holders to place on your tables or by the food. Place candles in mason jars for an evening BBQ or use the jars as vases for centerpieces. Use red, white and blue flowers with a flag in the middle to really tie it all together.

Appetizersusa 4th food ideas

If you cater food, it doesn’t mean you can’t add some simple little touches to fit with the theme and the colors you’re already doing. For example, take our Cake Pop Assortment; instead of simply putting them out on a tray, you can buy mini cupcake foils (red, white, blue, stars, stripes, etc) and place each cake pop into it’s own individual holder. You could also buy ribbon or fabric and wrap around the sticks. Place the cake pops on a festive tray, add a flag and you’ll have added your own personal touch.

Our Antipasto Kabob with fresh Mozzarella are easy, convenient and yummy. Plus, when you add a blue ribbon or place them on a blue tray, they make for the perfect 4th of July appetizer. 

Our Mini Naked Burgers are, of course, the American classic that must be served at your 4th of July party. Add some flare to them (Literally) by putting little sparklers in the bun and let your guests light them up for a little fireworks display. Fun huh? 

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