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Edible Spoons

AppetizersUSA’s delicious Edible Spoons are the perfect appetizer cutlery for special events or holiday gatherings. Impress your guests with our delectable frozen edible spoons that are mouthwatering on their own or when topped with your favorite toppings.

As one of the top edible spoons suppliers, AppetizersUSA has spoons in various sweet and savory options to accompany different toppings and cuisines.

Give our chef's favorites a go: Chocolate Spoons, Corn Spoons, Parmesan Spoons, Plain Spoons, and Wasabi Spoons are all must-tries!


How are edible spoons shipped?

Our edible spoons are shipped via FedEx, and they are properly packed with dry ice to ensure that they retain their freshness. If you choose standard delivery, you will receive the product in one or two days.

Can I customize my order of edible spoons?

Yes, you can customize your order by reaching out to us on our website with your requirements, and our team will help you create the best edible spoons order to suit your cuisine or topping choices.

What are the most popular edible spoons (for appetizers)?

The Chocolate and Parmesan Spoons are the most popular choices of edible spoons. Plain Spoons are the most commonly ordered edible spoons item as they are simple, delicious and go with a variety of toppings