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Gourmet Desserts Appetizers

The culinary highlight of any event has always been the party desserts, and this year is no exception. Finish your catered event with our line of high-quality, frozen gourmet desserts.

The single-serve portions of these mini treats make entertaining a breeze. Layered, fruity, gooey, or frosted, these gorgeous desserts are simply a treat for your taste buds!

Fill a plate with our bite-sized party desserts like Cake Pops, Imported French Macarons, and Petit Fours from our Chef’s Favorites. Place an order with AppetizersUSA for desserts and become the talk of the town.


How are Dessert Appetizers shipped?

Dessert appetizers are delivered through FedEx with suitable packing, including dry ice, and are stored in an insulated cooler to maintain their freshness. Unless urgent shipment is required, the order is dispatched within a day or two of confirmation.

What Dessert Appetizers should I bring to the party?

Desserts are usually appealing to anyone with a sweet tooth. Cake Pops, Imported French Macarons, and Petit Fours from our Chef’s Favorites are some wonderful bite-size desserts for parties to delight your tummies and hearts.

Can I customize my order of Desserts Appetizers?

Yes, you can customize your dessert order to meet your specific needs. It doesn’t end there; customers can also contact us for further information on our wholesale prices to order dessert appetizers in bulk.

What are the most popular Dessert appetizers?

Some of our popular dessert appetizers are the Cannoli’s, Brownie bites, and Caramel Apple in Beggar’s Purse.