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Thaw & Serve Appetizers

When you are looking for high quality appetizers requiring minimal preparation, our Thaw and Serve appetizers are a great choice. These appetizers can be easily defrosted and served with perfection.

Our appetizers are your go-to snacks when you need to cook at the last minute. These versatile, delicious, and gourmet appetizers can be served with wine, a chilled beer, or your favorite beverage. Just defrost and serve the appetizers. It's that easy!

Enjoy hassle-free appetizers such as Antipasto Kabob with Mozzarella or Prosciutto, Cold Canapes Assortment,Creamy Brie Canapes, and Grilled Vegetable Spinach on Flatbread. We also serve Hot Dogs Bun Uncut for your next outdoor event.


How are Thaw & Serve appetizers shipped?

Order your favorite frozen Thaw and Serve appetizers from our website and get the appetizers delivered to your home in one or two days via FedEx. Your order will be packed with dry ice in an insulated cooler to keep the appetizers frozen while in transit.

Can I customize my order of Thaw & Serve appetizers?

Yes, absolutely! Whatever you have in mind, we can make it happen. Contact us or drop us an email with your requirements, and we will get back to you to complete your order. We also accept bulk orders for wholesaleThaw and Serve appetizers for your upcoming event or party.

What are the most popular Thaw & Serve appetizers?

If you have a sweet tooth, go for Cold Canapes Assortment and Creamy Brie Canapes. Antipasto Kabob with Mozzarella or Prosciutto and Grilled Vegetable Spinach on Flatbread are the best Thaw and Serve appetizers that go well with a glass of wine.