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Taquitos & Tamales Appetizers

Taquitos appetizers are a perfect blend of crispiness, soft spicy fillings, fresh ingredients, and are a Mexican favorite. Taquitos have all the bold, well-loved flavors of tacos, just rolled up! Tamales, which are steamed, are also a staple in Mexican cuisine.

AppetizersUSA offers flavorful Taquitos appetizers and savory bulk Tamale appetizers that you can serve on special occasions. Order frozen Taquitos and Tamale appetizers from our website to serve your guest an assortment of finger-licking snacks.

If you have a big event coming up, serve tasty Beef Barbacoa Taquitos or Pork Carnitas Taquitos. These satisfying flavors are sure to please a crowd. Tamale Cakes is a one-of-a-kind appetizer that is delicious and filling, and a great choice for any event.


How are taquitos & tamales appetizers shipped?

We parcel your taquitos & tamales with dry ice in an insulated cooler to ensure that our frozen appetizers retain their freshness. The order will be shipped via FedEx, and you will receive the package within one or two days.

Can I customize my order of taquitos & tamales appetizers?

Yes, you can customize your order with the Taquitos appetizer or the Tamales appetizer that best fits your needs. If you want to place bulk tamales or taquitos orders , you can reach out to us with your preferences at (480) 471-2601.

What are the most popular taquitos & tamales appetizers?

The chef recommends Pork Carnitas Taquitos and Beef Barbacoa Tamales, but you can't go wrong with the Tamale Cakes appetizers as they are filling and delicious.