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Breakfast Appetizers

AppetizersUSA has created an offering of breakfast appetizers that are the perfect way for guests to get their day started. These hot breakfast appetizers are flavorful, convenient, and simple to prepare.

With AppetizersUSA, you can create an excellent spread of the best breakfast appetizers for brunch or your next morning event. Quiche Florentine is a Chef's favorite.


How are breakfast appetizers shipped?

To ensure that our frozen breakfast appetizers stay fresh while in transit to you, we use the best packaging possible, including dry ice and ice insulators. Within one to two days of confirmation, the order is dispatched via FedEx. Priority shipping is available for an additional fee.

What’s a good breakfast snack?

All breakfast appetizers were handpicked to give you the best start to your day or add something unique to your brunch table. You must, however, try our crowd-pleasing Quiche Florentine!

Can I customize my order of breakfast appetizers?

Regardless of whether you’re looking for retail or wholesale breakfast appetizers, you may completely customize your order. Customers can also get in touch with us to learn more about our special bulk prices.

What are the most popular breakfast appetizers?

Some of our most popular breakfast appetizers include the Quiche Lorraine and Southern Style stuffed biscuits.