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Dumplings & Potstickers Appetizers

Dumplings and Potstickers appetizers are popular across the globe for their delicious taste and savory flavors. AppetizersUSA's frozen dumplings and potstickers appetizers make these universally loved finger foods even easier to whip up, serve and enjoy.

Steamed, boiled, or flash-fried, these frozen dumplings and potstickers will be the star of the appetizer menu at any party, event, or even at home. Depending on your personal preference, they can be pan-fried to stay crispy on the outside or boiled or steamed to be a healthier choice

Enjoy flavorful and tasty dumplings and potstickers with great fillings from a wide variety of Asian-inspired appetizers by AppetizersUSA.


How are dumplings & potstickers appetizers shipped?

AppetizersUSA's dumplings and potstickers appetizers are delivered via FedEx overnight within two days. You can expect your appetizers to be delivered right to your doorstep, packaged with dry ice in an insulated cooler to keep the appetizers in optimal condition.

Can I customize my order of dumplings & potstickers appetizers?

Yes, with AppetizersUSA, one of the top potstickers and dumpling appetizers vendors, you can easily customize your order. If you’re looking for a wholesale dumpling order, you can contact us through our website, and we will help create your order for your big event.

What are the most popular dumplings & potstickers appetizers?

Chicken Potstickers and Kale Vegetable Dumplings are two of our most popular appetizers. Sui Mai - Chicken or Vegetables are the chef’s favorites, so give those a try, too!