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BBQ Pork in Biscuit Dough

The BBQ Pork in Biscuit Dough Appetizer is made by Pulled pork drenched in tangy BBQ sauce, then placed into handmade biscuit dough for a true down-home flavor.
  • Preparation Instructions
    This BBQ Pork in Biscuit Dough Appetizer tastes Best if baked from the frozen state on parchment paper. Bake on 400 degrees for 8-10 minutes or until pastry is golden brown.

Sale Price: $58.50 / Tray
Regular Price: $64.99
Pieces Per Tray: 50
Price Per Piece: $1.17
Number of Trays:
By Margaret Baggett on October 7, 2014
These. Are. INCREDIBLE! I am so picky and rarely-to-never serve any type of pre-made frozen appetizers, but after receiving the sample kit of items, most of which I loved, I took a chance on these and was FLOORED by how amazing they taste! So fresh and juicy and flavorful. Seriously.
By Samone Lett on October 7, 2014
These are to die for and one of my bestsellers!!! Never ever stop selling these the flavor is amazing!

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