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Delicious Appetizers You Can Make with Edible Spoons

Posted on Feb 27, 2020

Researchers revealed that approximately 40 billion plastic cutleries are used by Americans each year! That’s daunting, keeping in mind the ill-effects plastic causes to the environment and our planet at large. So, to further take a step toward preserving the environment, let’s look at a new wing of cutlery - edible spoons!

These spoons go with everything - from mashed veggies with barbeque sauce to hummus with olives. Simple or sophisticated, these spoons can work like a charm for each of your parties.

What are edible spoons?

Made from corn, parmesan, wasabi, wheat, rice, chocolate, etc., edible spoons work as a great alternative to the plastic or wood-laden spoons. They can be served as a part of appetizers, main courses, and desserts.

The best part about these spoons is that, if not consumed, they get decomposed in about 4-5 days. They are easily available and if ordered in bulk, can save you a lot of money. Moreover, these spoons also push you to explore different wings of exquisite cuisines and culinary.

This also means that your guests get to try that “something new and different!”

Here are a few recipes for which you can use edible spoons


You can try these spoons on with an array of ingredients!

Thinly sliced salmon and tuna married to chopped sun dried tomatoes, lemon juice along with its zest and fresh seasoning, go just perfect with a couple of edible spoons. Top this with caviar and blanched asparagus - and, there you have a lip-smacking dish!

You can even try pairing these spoons with grilled salmon mixed with aioli and topped with red bell pepper.


Yes, you read that right, spoons made from cheesy parmesan!

They go well with any ingredient and will definitely leave your guests in awe!

Try out these spoons with garlic braised short ribs cooked in red wine and garnished with some refreshing herbs. In case you want to skip the wine, you can couple the braised short ribs with mashed potatoes.

You can even try these edible spoons out with teriyaki chicken, peanut sauce, and salsa garnished with some sesame seeds.

They just add that much-needed hint of sophistication to your cuisine!


Give your desserts a spoonful twist!

Torched s’mores placed on the chocolate spoon make an amazing dessert and will surely be adored by your guests.

You can even use these chocolate spoons with rice puddings, custards, or a delicious fruit salad topped with honey!

Even simple ingredients like whipped cream, blueberries, and lemon zest can be transformed into exciting desserts with these chocolate spoons!


Plain spoons allow you to create some exquisite dishes and help you delve into a sea of creative cuisines.

You can experiment with different flavors like sweet, sour, spicy, nutty, etc. to bring out the taste that’ll be welcomed by your guests!

You can serve these edible spoons with your favorite salsa, or you can even dip them into melted chocolate and top them with tropical fruit cubes.

If you’re planning on giving these spoons a sophisticated touch - top them with lobster mousse and garnish it with some asparagus! These dishes are ideal for potlucks, weddings, and even simple parties.


Relinquish in the spicy taste of wasabi and surprise your guests with a whole new appetizer!

Wasabi spoons, paired with ahi tuna along with some fruit salsa, is one of the few ways in which you can use these edible spoons.

You can try the wasabi spoons with a topping of your choice for a cocktail party. Or, you can use them as elegant containers for small or big events.

According to your guests’ tastes and preferences, you can style and experiment with these spoons. We bet they won’t disappoint you!

These are just a few ways in which you can use the edible spoons, there are myriad of other delicacies that you can top them with. These spoons not only work toward favoring the environment, but also save you from the after-party cleaning. Well, then that’s just more good news!

Let us know in the comment section whether you liked these ideas or have something specific in mind!