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Five Food Trends to Look Forward to in 2018

Posted on Jan 8, 2018   (0 comments)

Five food trends to look forward this year

Just like fashion, food has its own style. Some foods are in and the others all but are forgotten. Food trends dictate much more than just the flavor of the week and include the culinary colors, styles, sights, and smell for the entire year. For instance, Kale was a big favorite in 2017 but experts have predicted that it is definitely on the way out.

Food trends, as surprising as the term may sound, are so important to the food industry that Whole Foods actually had a team of experts compiles a list of the food trends they expect to see hitting the markets this year. Yes, seriously, it happened!

We all know that shrimp cocktails are passé and we definitely don’t want to seem gauche while throwing the soiree of year, so here’s a list of five foods you can serve at your celebration or event in 2018 and stay at the cutting edge of food fashion!

Spoiler Alert: There are plenty of reasons to love the food experts in this list!


Orange Taco Shells

Reason # 1: Tacos are finally in! You can finally feel free to stuff yourself with tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and dessert too!) and look cool doing it. It’s time to have Taco Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in addition to Taco Tuesdays. Restaurants are experimenting with unique fillings and flavors, like seaweed taco shells and dessert tacos.

Serve your guests tacos with non-traditional fillings like vegan stuffing or Middle Eastern flavors for an exotic touch. Try our multi-colored mini taco shells with fillings you like or our Southwestern Shrimp Taco Bowlsfor something different!

Floral Flavors

Once the forte of culinary specialists, edible flowers are going mainstream with an array of uses in food. From edible petals in food to delicate infusions of beverages, they are here to take our taste buds by storm. Look out for lavender flavored beverages and rose infused desserts. Elderflower, a floral note that has been on the rise for a while now, is going to come into its own. This is definitely a trend that is going to be pleasing to the eye.

Plant-Based Foods

Being vegan or vegetarian is going to be much easier this coming year as plant-based foods come into the limelight. Plant-based meat substitutes are being taken to a whole new level with mind-blowing alternatives like “bleeding” vegan burgers being created using technology or sushi grade ‘tuna’ made from tomatoes. The popularity of dairy-free milk substitutes like nut milk is also on the rise, making it so much easier to find that particular brand of almond milk you really love!

Try serving our vegetarian and vegan appetizers at your table and see your guests really appreciate the effort you have taken!

The Middle East is Taking Over

Moroccan Lamb Lollipops

Well, only when it comes to food anyway. That’s another reason to love the predictions. Most of us are fairly familiar with hummus, pita, and tahini by now and it’s time for a whole host of Middle Eastern specialty foods and flavors to come into their own. Look out for an increase in cardamom, za’atar, and harissa flavored dishes along with halloumi, shakshuka, and lamb. Yum!

Try our Moroccan Lamb Lollipops to add that unusual touch to your dinner table.

Tip: Stuff taco shells with the Middle East inspired filling!


Mushroom Tarts

We did say that there are plenty of reasons to love the trending foods this year and it’s time for the humble mushroom to shine. If any foodstuff needs its own star on the walk of fame, it is definitely the mushroom.

Functional mushrooms, normally used as dietary supplements like cordyceps, reishi and lions mane, for example, are making their way into bottled drinks, teas, coffees, and smoothies, apart from rich broths. There’s no reason for alarm though, their flavors pair pretty well with cocoa, coffee and chocolate!

Some of our best party appetizers have mushrooms like our Mushroom Tarts filled with shiitake, oyster, Portobello, cremini and button mushrooms, so keep up and check out the whole range here.

Stay on top of 2018 food trends with AppetizersUSA! Get in touch with us to order appetizers online for any occasion.

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